Category: Making a Difference

Making a Difference- Christmas in the Park

The season of giving is year round at Alliance. The holidays are no exception. We surprised people with a gift of $20. An unexpected gift, to make them smile, to treat themselves or treat others.

Making a Difference- Fremont BART Station

An ordinary day, but what if it started with someone giving you money? What would you do with it? Would it make you smile? What if they just wanted you to know that they care about their community and your financial

Making a Difference- Sunnyvale Free Lunch

What if you went to one of your favorite restaurants for lunch and ordered all of your favorite dishes? You sit down and find a note at your table saying, “What if someone did something nice for you just because?â€

Making a Difference at SJSU- Dollar Giveaway

What if someone gave you money just because? What would you do with it? Would you believe it had “no strings attached”? Would it make you smile, or wonder why? What if they just wanted you to know they care about