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Going from Renter to Buyer

Going from Renter to Home Owner

So, it’s time to decide, do you buy a home or continue renting? You have done the calculations and  you’re ready to take on this integral part of the great American dream.

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10 Important Considerations When Financing a Car

Owning a new car is part of the American dream. We all fantasize about the color, model, and brand of our dream car. What’s missing from this fantasy is the place where you buy the car—the dealer.

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5 Steps to Help You Enjoy Buying a New Car

A new car is a milestone in everyone’s life. Whether it’s the first car or the last car you owned, it’s a memorable experience.


Credit CARD Act of 2009 – new periodic statements for loans

Under the Credit CARD Act of 2009 and recent amendments to Regulation Z, financial institutions must mail or deliver periodic statements for open-end consumer credit plans at least 21 days before the payment due date.

Ways to reduce your debt

Using baseball fundamentals to beat debt

What could baseball teach us about paying off debt? Read these tips and you’ll find out:   1. Don’t let debt continue to win. A baseball fundamental for winning is to not let your opponent score a lot of runs.