Worthwhile Ways to Teach Your Kids about Money

Here are some fun and worthwhile ways to teach your kids about money—how to make it, spend it, and save it.

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10 Important Considerations When Financing a Car

Owning a new car is part of the American dream. We all fantasize about the color, model, and brand of our dream car. What’s missing from this fantasy is the place where you buy the car—the dealer.

Girl parking a car

5 Steps to Help You Enjoy Buying a New Car

A new car is a milestone in everyone’s life. Whether it’s the first car or the last car you owned, it’s a memorable experience.


8 Timely Tips on Getting a Scholarship

Getting a Scholarship is a Process. You don’t have to be a National Merit Scholar or an All-State tight end to be in the running for a college scholarship. Getting a scholarship is a process.


Balance Transfers: 5 Critical Factors to Consider

A balance transfer is a quick and easy way to lower your expense-to-income ratio and also save money on interest.  It’s simply using a low interest credit card to carry the heft of a high interest credit card.