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The First Step: How to Get Started with Investing

Investments & Retirement
Your retirement should be a time of rest and leisure, not a time of money worries. The good news is you can do something about it now. With a little planning, there are steps you can take to painlessly set aside money as you earn. The better news is that with the right investment vehicle, you can keep this money secure while it grows into a comfortable nest egg for you and your loved ones, ensuring financial stability in your later years. The best news is that Alliance Credit Union can be there to help make this a reality, and help you through every step of this process.

ACU Investment Services
The core of our investment services (available through CUSO Financial Services) is the Individual Retirement Account (IRA). This is one of the best savings tools out there, and we offer several varieties suitable for pre-tax or post-tax contributions, different income levels, and different investment strategies. We also offer an education savings account to help you put aside money for your children’s education.

You can learn more about the kinds of IRAs we offer at our IRA Service Center.

Meet with an Investment Advisor (Free to Members)
With all the options available, the choices can seem daunting. The good news is that you’re not alone. We offer professional, knowledgeable, and friendly people who are ready to listen to your needs, ask the right questions, and explain every detail of the plans and process to you. They can craft a plan customized to your situation and your needs. Best of all, this service requires no obligation and is free to ACU members!

Quang Phan

California customers, meet Quang Phan:
Quang’s diverse background, including a career at Foresters Equity Services and at Bank of America Investments, has highly prepared him for navigating the investment landscape and making sound and informed decisions in pursuit of financial goals. He believes strongly in listening, and cultivating close, long-term relationships with clients. This is a large part of what led him to Alliance Credit Union. Let Quang tailor a financial plan that can help all of your concerns and needs. Feel free to contact him directly at 408.979.2478.

Denis J. Ingalls

North Carolina customers, meet Denis J. Ingalls:
Denis knows that a successful investment advisor looks to relationships, not just numbers. His experience with Merrill Lynch and the U.S. Navy has brought discipline and a desire for excellence as well as keen knowledge and skill in investing. It was the regard of Alliance Credit Union for every one of its members’ financial well being which drew him to our team.  He believes in integrating the cares and concerns of each member’s financial world into a unique and useful plan just for them. Let Denis assess your financial situation, and develop a strategic plan to help meet your unique financial goals. Feel free to contact him directly at 910.793.2232.

You can also set up an appointment online using our web form.

Once you’ve completed a retirement plan, give yourself a pat on the back. Good for you! However, managing your retirement doesn’t end with drawing up the plan; you’re only getting started, and so are we. Alliance Credit Union’s Retirement Central service (available through CFS*) provides a full range of tools to help you set up and service your retirement plan every step of the way.  For more information, please give us a call or read more on the Making Cents Blog or Retirement Central section of the website.

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