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Time to Visit the Alliance Auto Buying Center

The Idea of Buying a Car

You don’t just run out and buy a car. Buying a car usually starts out as a daring idea or practical necessity. In either case, the refrain is: “I think I’m going to buy a new car.” And you think about the kind of car you would buy, considering brands, styles, colors, and add-ons ranging from satellite radio to performance suspension packages. You ask your family and friends what they think. And just about the time you get ready to visit the dealership, someone asks, “Can you afford a new car?” That’s when it’s time to visit your credit union and talk to the experts.

Getting Pre-approved

At Alliance Credit Union, you’ll find the Alliance Auto Buying Center that specializes in providing peace of mind to prospective auto buyers. One of the first things you’ll do is fill out an application to get preapproved (or do it online). This will elevate you to the status of “cash buyer” which gives you added confidence when negotiating the price of the car at the dealership.

Choosing the Right Loan for You

At Alliance you’ll find a variety of loan options with terms ranging from 24 to 84 months and no penalty for paying off your loan early. For new auto loans you can finance up to 115% of MRSP plus tax, license, and warranty.

If you’re buying used, you can finance up to 115% of the purchase price or appraised Kelley Blue Book value of cars 1 to 6 years old. You can borrow up to 100% of the private party value of “good condition” vehicles 7+ years old in Kelley Blue Book including tax, license, and warranty.

Finding the Right Place to Buy the Right Car

There are a lot of cars for sale out there. There are private parties, car lots, dealerships, and online sites. Where do you start? The most comfortable starting place is behind your computer. You can research and locate a dealer, get auto-buying advice, and find out about trade-ins and more at autoSMART and at Autoland. These are both services of the Alliance Auto Buying Center.

The Alliance VIP Auto Buying Experience

Remember the privileges of membership. The Alliance Complete Auto Network offers members an array of VIP auto buying privileges. Just show your Alliance debit, credit, or member card and you can receive a special pricing guarantee of 1% below invoice on new vehicles and guaranteed pricing of below mid-Kelley Blue Book on 90% of used vehicles. You’re also eligible for a 15% discount on aftermarket products on a vehicle purchase and a 10% discount on parts and service.

Other Services of the Alliance Auto Buying Center

You can purchase Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) that will pay out-of-pocket expenses if your vehicle is stolen or totaled and is worth less than what you owe. GAP prevents the deficiency loan balance from being added to a new loan and protects your credit rating.

Alliance offers Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) that offers a comprehensive benefits package that provides you with maximum convenience and comfort in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

Alliance also partners with MEMBERS® Auto Insurance program to give you significant savings on your car insurance with some of the nation’s most trusted insurance companies.

A Buying Experience Worth Talking About

At the Auto Buying Center you get the right car, the right loan, value added services, and a buying experience that’s worth talking about. Adjust the seats and the rear view mirrors and get ready for miles of smiles ahead.




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