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Shop smart this holiday season

Shop smart during the holidaysAre you already making your holiday shopping list and checking it twice? Follow these holiday shopping tips:
Start early. Even if you can’t bear to hit the stores on Black Friday, shopping early in the season gives you time to find good deals. 
Give simple. A less expensive, but thoughtful gift is more meaningful than an extravagant gift. Consider homemade gifts, or the gift of your time.
Shop in your PJs. You can save time and gas by shopping online. Some sites even gift wrap! Just make sure you shop at a reputable and secure website.  Consider using a site that compares prices from various retailers to make sure you’re getting the best deal.
Stick to a budget. Decide on a budget before you head out to shop, and try your best to stick to it. FinanceWorks(TM) in Online Banking is a great tool to help you stay within a budget – you can even set up email alerts for spending limits, low balances, and much more.  Alliance also offers Visa(R) Gift cards at all locations.  These allow you to choose how much you want to spend and lets the recipient choose what they want to buy.

We want to you know your shopping tips!  Do you have a favorite website you use?  Or what about inexpesive gift ideas? 

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